• Prvomajska 50, 26320 Banatski Karlovac
  • office@timdoo.rs


Management “TIM” LLC from Banatski Karlovac and all the employees advocate for the continuous improvement of the integrated system of quality management and environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004 standards in the production of plastic masses. In this way, the management of “TIM” LLC realizes its mission and the vision of leaders in the production of plastic masses in the market.

Our policy and goals are:

  • improvement of production programs and services in order to meet the demands and needs of their clients,
  • improving business processes by monitoring their effectiveness
  • establishing the appropriate value system that meets the needs and expectations of employees by motivating them at the same time,
  • planning the employment of highly qualified personnel and continuous improvement of employees,
  • procurement of modern equipment for work as well as quality maintenance of the existing,
  • the development of an integrated management system (IMS) in accordance with the organization’s strategic goals and global trends,
  • identification of all the environment aspects and focus on significant aspects in order to prevent environmental pollution,
  • building awareness among all employees, suppliers and subcontractors about environmental impacts and proper handling of hazardous substances,
  • identifying and preventing the occurrence of possible negative environmental impacts,
  • providing a system for measuring and monitoring as well as for applying legal and other regulations,
  • saving natural resources and energy,
  • minimizing the use of harmful substances and the generation of harmful waste,
  • precautionary actions in order to prevent ecological incidents and organized operations in case of emergencies,
  • continuous informing of all stakeholders on the impact of the environmental protection system,
  • reconsidering the stated objectives and policies at least once a year by the management to ensure the control over the implementation.

By achieving these goals, we continually improve the work efficiency and financial potential of “TIM” LLC from Banatski Karlovac in the interest of the owners, all employees as well as the whole community.

Milica Vlahović, CEO
Banatski Karlovac, February, 2012