From the moment we started to work, exactly 30 years ago, our mission is to provide the market with top quality polyethylene packaging products.

Our clients are number one priority. The satisfaction of our clients is a measure of our success.

Technology progress, following modern industrial and economic-social trends, investing in true values that lead to success - all of these have been the imperative when we founded the company, but even today.

Long life of the company proves the fact we have promptly and successfully realized our previous plans. We are preparing new ones every day for the future with the intention of facing challenges that will provide us with further affirmation and progress in both local and foreign markets.


Whenever you create something new, you try to offer a new value to the market. By offering new value, we are actually creating a quality that will make this world a better place.

After 30 years of progress, we can say that this has been and remains our vision: offering our customers a top product to meet their needs and at the same time offering the world value that will make it better and a more humane place to live.

We are doing our best to improve the entire environment in which we operate, primarily by investing in people, technology, local community development and the future.